75 years of empowering individuals and creating independence

Welcome to this exploration and celebration of the people, places and events that laid the foundation for who Easterseals-Goodwill is today. Our organization was founded in 1947 to help address the growing need for services to assist children afflicted by cerebral palsy, polio and other crippling diseases in the state of Montana.

Our 75th Anniversary provides an opportunity to not only look back on previous accomplishments, but also forward as we set a strong course for the future; one that enhances quality of life, expands access to healthcare, employment and education opportunities, and empowers individuals we serve to be full and equal participants in their communities.

Note: You’ll see some terms included on the pages of this website that don’t reflect how we would speak about disabilities today. However, we chose to leave them, since the terms were those commonly used at that time in our history. Also, our organization, has gone through many name changes through the years so you may notice some discrepancies, for instance the use of both Easter Seal and Easter Seals. We chose to keep the names consistent with the historical event being described.
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Our journey over 75 years has led Easterseals-Goodwill to what we are today: a strong, vibrant nonprofit with a mission to create opportunities that change lives. Today, Easterseals-Goodwill provides services across a 400,000 square mile area: day programs for adults with disabilities in Montana and Wyoming, residential programs for adults with disabilities in Wyoming, clinical services in Montana, children’s services in Utah, behavioral health in Idaho, employment services in Utah, Idaho, eastern Oregon, and Montana, and Goodwill stores and warehouses in Montana, southern Idaho, and Utah.

We invite you discover more. Read about changed lives like Helen, who needed new skills to find meaningful employment when her retirement plans took an unexpected turn. Rodney, whose construction career was cut short when he faced unexpected medical challenges. Porter, who was born at just 23 weeks and is now thriving thanks to early intervention. Asaph, a young adult who hasn’t let autism set him back.

Reflect with our president and CEO, Michelle Belknap, on our last 25 years of growth in particular. Learn about our community impact and review our annual reports to see how many lives we touch each year, the economic benefit to our communities, and our financial stability—positioning Easterseals-Goodwill to continue to change lives long into the future.