The 2010s

In the most recent decade, we have continued to evolve our programming and retail operations at a steady clip, even with the incredible struggles that came with the pandemic. We have been able to work inside of the limitations of COVID-19 to continue to serve our program participants, clinical patients, and to provide job opportunities in our Goodwill stores. We look forward to the next decades with excitement and optimism! 

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Program aiding unemployed seniors expands to Idaho and Montana 

Two years after taking on the Utah Easter Seals territory in 2006, we assumed operation of the statewide Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). The program helps unemployed low income seniors find work by providing job skills training, along with paid work experience opportunities at local nonprofits and government agencies. In 2019, we added SCSEP services on a limited scope in the state of Idaho. In 2021 the program expanded to include all of Idaho and Montana, as well as eastern Oregon.

New hospice services begin in Great Falls

To broaden the scope of our clinical services in the Great Falls, Montana area, we expanded our Butte hospice program to Great Falls, Montana in 2018. The new Medallion Hospice program allowed us to provide a continuum of care for some of our aging clients with disabilities and patients already receiving our home health and personal care services.

Goodwill growth advances in Montana, Idaho and Utah

This most recent decade brought tremendous growth to the retail segment of our organization. The drive to expand our Goodwill operations came in large part from the steadily growing trend of reduced federal and state funding for many of the programs vital to our mission. In 2011, we secured the Utah Goodwill territory and opened our first store in Millcreek in 2012. Since then three additional Utah stores were added, as well as our first Goodwill Outlet in Salt Lake City. Our Goodwill presence also grew steadily in southern Idaho and Montana during the past 11 years. We started the decade with a total of 9 stores in 9 cities and today we operate 22 stores in 20 different cities across Montana, Utah and southern Idaho.