The 1960s

The 1960s were a decade of expanding and contracting finances and programming as the organization experienced continued growing pains. Leadership worked hard to balance the increasing need for adult and child therapy, education and socialization programs in local communities with funding to support them.  

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Several local affiliates come and go 

As services were established and began expanding, the structure of our organization gradually developed into three local societies operating under the larger Montana society umbrella. Historical information about the individual societies is very limited so not much is known of specific services provided during the early 1960s. We do know that othe three Montana affiliatesGreat Falls was the only one able to remain open, and in 1965, the local  societies were disbanded and merged back into a single statewide society. 

Great Falls headquarters established 

Construction of our Great Falls Rehabilitation Center was completed and services there were growing steadily in the early 1960s. The board of directors decided that it made sense to move the organization’s headquarters to Great Falls. Even as Easterseals-Goodwill has grown into a regional nonprofit spanning Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho, our headquarters location remains in Great Falls.